Such penalties result in a player being sent to an isolated area called the penalty box, after which the offender’s team must operate a player short.

In this sentence, Can i tell this sentence as "When the offender’s team operated, it was a player short." ??
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The team IS a player short is adjectival. It describes the team, a noun.

The team OPERATES (although we prefer "plays") a player short is adjectival. It describes how they PLAY, a verb.

The original passage did not say the team is a player short, it said it operates a player short.
Yes, anonymous. It's exactly what Grammar Geek is saying.

The team is skillful. (skillful is an adjective)
The team operates carefully (carefully is an adverb)


The team is a player short (a player short is adjectival)
The team operates a player short (a player short is adverbial)



My point earlier in this thread is that a player short is unusual for an adjectival constuction.

You can say: a skillful team
But not: an a player short team

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He died a begger.


He died.


He was a begger.

In this way,

The team operated a player short.


The team operated.


The team was a player short.

Is that true?

If a player short is a adverb, the sentence can not be divided to 2 sentence.

ex) The team plays well


The team plays


The team is well (???)


well is a adverb.


a player short is adjectival.

but CJ, you tell me a player short is a adverb.

How can you explain this .?

P.s Anonymous above was me.