The first time I saw you was in a dream
A glimpse of how beautiful life could be
You looked just like an angel without wings
A little gift from heaven sent to me
You slipped away after a warm embrace
When I woke up I left me heart with you
I spend my nights hoping to see your face
I spend my days wishing dreams can come true

I'd do anything to show you I care
When you cry I will wipe away your tears
When you need a hug I'll be standing there
I'll hold you until your pain disappears

I look for you in the face of strangers
Hoping one day I will finally find you there
Because since the day I saw my angel
There's nobody else that can compare
I love every little thing about you
You don't have to act or wear a disguise
I will love you no matter what you do
You will always be perfect in my eyes


I'd do anything to say I love you
Buy you a box of candy from the store
Call you just to say I'm thinking of you
Leave a dozen roses at your front door

We can walk along the beach holding hands
And listen to the waves hit the shoreline
We can sit and watch the sun meet the land
Then count all the stars that were left behind

I want to eat dinner by candlelight
With your face the only thing I can see
I want to cuddle with you through the night
Then wake up with you sleeping next to me
I don't care as long as we're together
Because heaven is anywhere you are
I can't think of a place any better
Than right here lying in each others arms

Repeat 1st Chorus

Poems don't have choruses; I think this is a song.
A poem is just a song without music.
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I think they are almost the same thing.
hi mr.DFelton

thx 4 sharin' us ur feelings , really i like that poem bro [:-D]