A rhetorical question is used to make a point
I saw this when I was searching "how to write a hook?".
What does "a point" mean here?
Point: idea or suggestion?
JigneshbharatiA rhetorical question is used to make a point

A rhetorical question is used illustrate / emphasize / comment on our argument about the subject matter.


statement or observation

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Would you please elaborate on this?

I tried a few videos on YouTube but still haven't got the idea.

Thank you!

OK. Suppose I want to make this point: "Some questions are good and some questions are really stupid."

I make the point by giving examples of good questions and stupid questions.

Some rhetorical questions are really inane. I can give you some examples:

Is rain wet?
Is the Pope a Catholic?
What is the color of a bald man's hair?
Why do you click on the start button to quit Microsoft Windows?
Do fish get thirsty?

Some rhetorical questions are good:

Do you think that money grows on trees?

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