What is a polite way to say..when you want to say someone is farting.

Can I say,

He smelt something... (how do I say?)
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The polite thing to do is ignore it.
But, how do use "flart"?
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In connection with being polite? You do not.
Just wanna to know how to use it in a correct way.
Vincent, as two gurus have already told you, there is no "polite way" to talk about someone else "farting". The word is (rather crude) slang and the whole subject is not discussed "politely." However, if you want to discuss your own bodily functions with a doctor, a reasonable non-slang equivalent is "passing gas." And the medical term is "flatulence".
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I think I heard "passing gas" several times on radio commercials. My dictionaries say "breaking wind", but I have no idea if it's used, is it? And by the way, "to fart" is not slang at all, because everyone knows what it means and everyone uses it. Merriam Webster classifies it as "often vulgar", that is, you might consider avoiding it in several situations. Emotion: smile
I agree with MM. But if the person keeps doing it and I get upset, I'll say "Are you all right?". If I sense he's doing it to annoy me, as the others have said, I would choose to be rude "Did you fart again?"
Oh Ic. I think the more polite way is "break wind". But , how do we say?

Anyone can give me in a dialogue to show that how to use it?
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