When I was in my first year of middle school, my father died. And my mother was ill just after I started high school. I had to stop going to school because my mother had no money to pay my school bills.
We started working in gardens to save up enough money for me to go back to school. Finally, I returned to school. Unluckily, my mother died the next year. Suddenly my world went dark. I asked my headmaster if I could work for the school so I could pay my bills. He was a nice man and let me work in the school garden during the study. I had not been able to study well because of my mother’s death. At the end of my second year, I failed most of my exams and was told I would have to repeat the year. After another summer working in the school garden, I went to lessons again. But suddenly I fell ill.

Because of my weak body, I couldn’t work at school. I was hopeless. My headmaster told me not to give up. And my teachers and classmates helped me a lot. Now, I’m feeling better and will finish my third year.

My life is still not easy. A few students laugh at my poor clothes. They also call me “Farmer” because I work in the school garden. But I know I have to deal with such problems.

Are you speaking seriously??

Wow man, you're really a super hero!!
You past through the worst thing on life: death... and twice! =\
But don't give up, as your headmaster told. You can go very far, you're strong, an survivor, I can speak.
And about this stupid studens, don't pay atention to his jokes, the're... stupids! ahuahuaaua ^^
If you want to talk, we're here (and there, there, and there too xD)
I'm very surprised when your friend called you "farmer" with mockery. In my country, we love farmers very much because they plant rice and vegetables to provide our food. No one could survive for long without food and drink. If they didn't work, we would die of starvation.
As you see, Mme Ngo Dinh Nhu,a first "lady",a good-looking and dignified woman, who was well-known with her large collar of "ao dai" and her children love farming very much.When I was a little girl,her chidren used to let the gardener took up and gave me a lot of flowers such as Marguerite, coquelicot, violett.... planted in front of their manificent palace, near the famous hot water pool. I never forget,the beautiful landscape of sunset,when I walked on this tortuous road with a friend in the same class and his nice sister followed slowly on the way back to school.What a beautiful hill it was when all the trees and plants were properly cultivated ! A cousin of mine, who was an orphan,had received a pretty Bella doll with blond hair from this nice lady. He gave me this big doll who could speak , open and close her blue eyes that I had been still keeping carefully.Today, one of this handsome lady's children was an agricultural engineer.
All of us love farming very much and have a dream to be a farmer.When one of my brother's friend received a scholarship for poor students to go to Taiwan to learn Agriculture, he got a lot of clothes for ceremonial and on casual wear: flat cap,trousers, shoes, gloves,socks, briefcase etc....He gave us permission to try first in order to see how they looked.We were very enjoyable and very proud to put these new unfitted clothes.All of us wished one day, we could have a good condition to go abroad like him.
In our district, students go to school half a day because most of them had to help their families to earn their living.They used to catch fish, shrimps in the pool and the canal, birds in the sky....If someone was lucky,he would got some special seafood or some crabs, beehive and could sell these stuffs .After that they used to go to the city for shopping and they holed their new blue Jeans, new pulls ,mended them in order to be fashionable. Some of them put these new clothes to the washing machine for hours and hours with the only aim:to fade them.
You have a chance to get a good job when going to school.Have you ever think about the others' burdensome duties when facing difficulties of life. Imagine one day, you would be blind,what would you feel? You should show gratitude to your headmaster instead of nibbling your friends' foolish jokes.I appreciate highly the help whole-hearted of our teachers, especially to poor students.What a remorse it was when rumours caused harm to their good reputation.Some people could forget but I remember all my life:Two converging and diverging lens in an obstacle text exam of 11th grade ending could save how many pieces of life scattering as the smoke gun and fire bullets and how many girls escaping from the temptation in the corner of a coffee bar.
It was impossible to believe all of your classmates had a bad behaviour towards you.There is no doubt that you pay attention carefully, you will see those who you can count on: Make acquaintance with them and you will find whether all of them are boasting or not .Not only they like to make friends with you but they also help you to get money for shopping by growing flowers, plants and trees or raising some animals such as pig,chicken,duck etc..But at the bottom of my heart, I always think:" No matter what kind of clothes you wear, you will be loved and respected by all people around you if you do right, try your best to accomplish your duty, help your friends to make progress with great efforts".