I'm looking for an alternative word for volatile that has a more positive connotation ("volatile" seems to imply danger of some sort). Or maybe volatile is the wrong word completely. Let me describe it and maybe you can figure out if there is a word to fit it:

I am a member in a group of artists / designers and when we come together to work on a creative project the synergy of the group almost feels explosive or volatile. Our individual creativity ignites each others' level of creativity and collectively we become this huge force that is bigger than anything we could be by ourselves. It feels like some type of force is rumbling among the group that could explode at any moment. .... but a good explosion of really great ideas and designs.

Any suggestions?


How about 'electric' ?
Charged could work here. Volatile is the wrong word as it implies that the situation is iffy and people are butting heads.
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Thank you for your response. Yes, charged would work. I still feel like that's a weaker word though. Can you think of anything that's stronger than charged but not as dangerous as volatile?

Who knows, maybe there really isn't a word that fits this situation. :-)

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Hi Pam

An old idiom that I like is..

- Now we're cooking with gas!

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Well, I really wouldn't use volatile, or any similar word, in that context. The word comes from chemistry and describes a substance that changes phase quickly and is used to compare substances (or objects in this case). For example, alcohol is more volatile than water and nail polish remover (acetone) is more volatile than alcohol. Acetone "changes" (evaporates) quicker than alcohol which "changes" quicker than water. So- "... the synergy of the group... feels like it changes rapidly"? Doesn't make much sense in that context.