According to David Lee Roth,

The problem with self-improvement is knowing when to quit

True, but the answer is simple - when your hopeless professional life gradually starts disturbing your personal life, this might be a possible indication that it’s time to move on. Any particular reason? It can be anything from discontent, lack of opportunities to decisions from higher-ups that have spurred your anger.

Anyhow, the purpose of writing this article is not to emphasize upon reasons to quit the job, and consider them again and again, but to discuss an adequate way to say final Adieu to your workplace where you’ve been working for a long time.

Since you’ve decided to quit your job, so why not to make a smart exit? - a point to ponder!

Well, let’s face the fact that turning in your resignation isn't always easy. Regardless of disliking your boss, hating your job, in fact, if you were about to be fired, yet it’s a big challenge to leave your job tactfully.

Always remember that it's mandatory to resign as gracefully and professionally as possible. for the professional advice take help from assignment writing services If you can, give adequate notice to your employer, write a formal resignation letter, and be prepared to move on prior to submitting your resignation.

Tips to resign your job Adequately & Professionally

Following are the few tips to help you make a positive and smart exit from your workplace.

1. Tell your boss in person

Before finalizing to HR your decision regarding quitting the job, the first talk with your boss in person, and tell him/her about your plan to switch.

Your conversation with your boss should be positive, constructive. and professional. Do not adapt rude or insulting tone while talking with your boss. You never know where people are going to end up, and in future, you might need a recommendation from your boss, or you may also find yourselves working together again one day.

2. Be direct, but diplomatic

When you resign, it makes obvious you get a better opportunity is waiting for you out there. This situation isn't hard to explain to your current boss, but to leave saying you're not satisfied does not sound applicable.

Be direct and honest about your reason to leave, but avoid criticism, this change is ultimately about you, not them. Stay positive and move on.

3. Don’t let it be a surprise

Your resignation should not come as a shock as it might make the authority assume this act your disloyalty with the company. Sharing your thinking in advance may not be possible in every circumstance — like when you have a vindictive manager — but it is helpful more often than you might expect. The sudden exit may also impact your terms with the current organization. You can provide reasons like;

I loved the company, but my passions and skills seemed to no longer be the ideal fit, given the way the business had evolved

I felt strongly that one of my staff members had earned the opportunity to assume my job

4. Give plenty of notice

Generally, a two weeks’ notice is mostly expected in various organizations, and other workplaces, but the more time any departing employee can give, the better it seems. Giving a plenty of notice give the company enough time to prepare for a smooth transition.

5. The time it right

Go through your company's policy before resigning, as some offices force you to leave instantly. You don't want to go in thinking you're giving two weeks’ notice, only to be told you have 20 minutes.

There's no enchantment number for how far ahead of time to report your flight, yet you ought to mean to give your boss however much time as could be expected to contract and prepare a substitution. As indicated by Ceniza-Levine says.

"Some companies ask for a minimum of two weeks, or longer, especially the more senior you are and the bigger projects you're working on,"

6. Give compliments

In order to leave a strong everlasting impression on your company, the best way to start your resignation letter or mail is always start by paying the current employer a compliment.

There's always something positive that can be said like 'this company provided a very valuable learning and friendly environment. Make a start with positive compliments to your present employer.

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