Should one say
"Do you buy newspaper every day?",
"Do you buy A newspaper every day?" or
"Do you buy THE newspaper every day?" if one wants to ask about someone else's habit of buying newspapers?

I would like to know which one(s) is/are acceptable and/or natural. If more than one choice is possible, is there any slight difference in meaning between the different choices?

I would appreciate if somebody could help me out on this.
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"Do you buy newspaper every day?": you won't say that; or you'll have to add an -s to newspaper.

"Do you buy A newspaper every day?": that's OK; it means you buy a newspaper everyday, but not necessarily the same.

"Do you buy THE newspaper every day?" : fine too, but it implies you know which newspaper you're talking about, or it's the one the person's used to, or it's a generic newspaper, The Newspaper.
pieanne, Thank you very much for your advice!

Does someone else thinks otherwise? Hope to hear more from all of you about this.
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You're welcome, Terrying. Emotion: smile
Let's wait and see!
Dear TerryIng,

It is strange. In my opinion, it is not correct to say 'do you buy the newspaper every day?' But it is correct to say 'do you read the paper every day?' I do not know why. Emotion: smile

But it is only my opinion. Let us wait and see.

Have a nice weekend,
It's completely correct to say "Do you buy the newspaper every day?"
The speaker has in mind a particular newspaper.

In the small town where I grew up, there was only one newspaper available. It was therefore inevitably that particular paper that the townspeople had in mind when they asked "Do you buy the newspaper every day?"

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Thanks a lot, CalifJim and goldmund!

Bonne journée!
Dear Terrying,

You're quite welcome.

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