I have a question about the way EnglishForward work. I do not know if it is the appropriate place for it or not.

Excuse me if I have asked my question in the wrong place.

I wonder who verifies answers in this forum. I assume Moderators should be able to do so. But my question is that can moderators verify their own answers or another moderator should verifies the other one's answer.

I sometimes see that, a moderator has made a response to a question and it is completely correct and relevant but it is not chosen as a verified answer.

I just want to know how this system works.

Thank you very much for your explanation.

Best Regards
Technically, a moderator can mark his or her own post as a verified answer, but we tend not to. For one thing, we're not perfect, and if we have made a mistake but have already marked it as the right answer, others might not answer and the mistaken comment remains as the "right" answer. Leaving it to another moderator to mark it as verified serves as a quality control measure.

But probably the more common reason is that it feels immodest.

I believe that if you are the original poster, you too can verify an answer.

(For future reference, you can post questions like this in the Help section.)
Hi Grammar Geek.

Thank you for your explanation.

I think ordinary users cannot verify an answer even if they are the original poster.

Furthermore,I have another inquiry about the forums.

If you look at the top of this post, it is written that the question is not answered, however there is a reply for it.

What's the difference between answer and reply in EnglishForward? And what is the difference between making reply or suggesting answers?

Thank you very much for your time and help

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Your question is not "answered" (even though it is right now) because there is no verified answer
in your thread. Even if you have 20 answers in your thread, but none of them has been verified, you'll see that your question is not answered. The regular answers in a thread are actually considered replies.