Let's say I am writting a formal e-mail to John, should I say,

Hello John, or Hello, John,

Are both correct?


John, or John:

Is it proper to use the colon after the addressee's name?
well, if it's formal I don't think you usually say "John". Maybe "Mr. Johnson" or something else. Using "John" and a colon seems too direct and concise to me. Anyway, I once read somewhere that nowadays all emails tend to be pretty informal, even the ones that would be expected to be somewhat formal. In other words, I think I read that companies now tend to send informal emails to people they used to send formal letters (on paper) in the past. I don't know if it's true though, but I know everyone's got their own style, and I see emails as something different from classic formal letters or documents.
Hi, Kooyeen,

Yeah, John is not too formal; I forgot about that Emotion: smile. I was mostly interested in whether I need to put a comma betweenHello and John. But since e-mails are pretty informal, I'll assume that both ways are fine. Thank You.