1.Tell me how I can improve this sentence, it's supposed to go in a report (essay) :

I was still unsure plus I didn't know what elso to do

2. Please give me a list of words which can substitute 'plus' in a piece of writing.
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Dear Abbie1948,

It is an ampersand in handwriting, no? Emotion: smile

But you are right, it is informal.

Kind regards,
The whole phrase just doesn't sound right to me.

Obviously, it is referring to some action somebody had taken. Why would someone who'd just taken some action say, "I was still unsure, plus I didn't know what else to do", and not "I was still unsure, but I didn't know what else to do."?

Unsureness plus not knowing what to do is a redundancy, isn't it?
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I tend to agree with you, Davkett.
"I was still unsure, plus I hadn't read my horoscope"
"I was still unsure, plus it was raining"
Hi Pieanne,

I sure can't tell from that, that you are not a native speaker. Funny.

Do you make really good pies, or something...or are you an expert in geometry?
I must have been a native speaker in a former life Emotion: wink

I can make a really good apple pie, lots of apples, very thin dough, and a hint of cinnamon.
I'm better at geometry than algebra, but well...
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