1.Tell me how I can improve this sentence, it's supposed to go in a report (essay) :

I was still unsure plus I didn't know what elso to do

2. Please give me a list of words which can substitute 'plus' in a piece of writing.
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"and moreover"? "what's more"? "on top of that"?

PS: it's else, not eslo, typo, I guess? Emotion: smile
Is the 'plus' question about this specific sentence? If so, I'm having trouble imagining a context that would make the word 'plus', or its equivalent, semantically appropriate.

Can you use this?

'I was still unsure , but I didn't know what else to do'
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In everyday spoken English, 'plus' is often used with the simple meaning of 'and'.
'She's rich plus she's beautiful'.

Even in math,
for '2 + 2', we can say either '2 plus 2' or '2 and 2'.

Best wishes,
Dear JKBelieve,

It is also true that in handwriting "+" is often used with the meaning of "and":

"It's hot + humid."

Kind regards, Emotion: smile
I don't think it's used that way in BrE, Goldmund; perhaps for informal notes
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Hello JKB

I don't think your sentence is so bad, if you put a period in a way like:
I was still unsure. Plus I didn't know what else to do.
= I was still unsure. In addition I didn't know what else to do.

Hi Paco,
Two queries, if I may.

1. What does the Japanese writing at the bottom of your post mean?

2. How do I get to put writing at the bottom of my posts?

Thank you very much,
Hello Clive

It's kind of my lament. Actually it is a poem by Zhu Xi, a Chinese philosopher.

This could be translated like:
Youth easily changes for old age, though learning is hard to finish.
You should not take one little moment as a little thing.
You are in a dream as if the grass in the pond were still in the spring,
But the leaves in front of the steps are announcing autumn is here.

You can put this kind of thing by writing it in your profile.
Open your Profile, and write it in Signature in Display Option.

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