My toddler suddenly said ",,, ,,,“, a long and well-ordered sentence. If I want to praise him for that, what should I say?

Is "Well said" proper?

I found somewhere that "well said" meant that you agree with what one said. But I don't mean that I agreed with what he said.

Could somebody help?

Thank you!

'What a clever boy/girl!'
Yes, "Well said" is usually offered in response to a well presented argument or something with which you agree.

"Wow, you said that well!" could be an appropriate response to your toddler.
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Thank you for your good answers.

One is general, and the other is context-specific.

I will use both of them.

By the way, what does "you speak well" mean?

Does it emphasize the content of the speech or its manner?

By manner, I mean that a speech is well-organized, well-worded, and expressive,

although it does not contain much useful information.

An example is the words of some salesperson.

(Don't mistake me. I don't mean to offend salespersons.)

Can I use “you spoke well" in this context?
"You speak well" means you have a good grasp of the language, you are precise, expressive, and so on in your everyday speech/conversations. Likely you will make a good case in a debate or give a good speech, and have done so in the past.

A person who speaks well does not have to give a speech or participate in a debate, but "You spoke well" would be said to somebody who had done will in giving a speach or debate, and would be in context of that event.

I guess, it could also be said to a person who used to speak well but now is unable to as a result of stroke or some incident, although "You used to speak well" might be more appropriate.
Thank you.

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