Hi everyone

Could anyone explain to me the meaning of the following US idioms (high schools) :

- AP is Advanced Placement Pogram but what do P and HP mean (for example : biology HP, algebra I P) ?

- one course is entitled "parenting" - what does it mean ? are we taught how to become parents ?

- "driver education" : is it some sort of driving lessons ?

- his/cul/geo = history, geography and cul... (ture ?)

- "pl sol geom" don't understand this abreviation (geometry ??)

- immunization completed on 05/25/2005 means ??? (is it about vaccines ??)

- proficiency test - what is that ? What does "S" mean ?

That's a lot of questions, sorry about that but that could help me understand the school system a bit better.

Thanks !!!!!
None of these are standard idioms - they are simply abbreviations used by that school. I have no idea what P and HP mean. High placement?

I assume that the parenting classes teaches parenting skills. Often, I've heard, these courses involve having the student take care of eggs, or dolls, or even high-tech dolls, so that they can't be left alone and must be fed and changed and so forth. Hopefully, it shows them the hard work side of parenting and not just the cute baby side, so they are more responsible about using birth control.

Driver's ed is driving lessons, yes. It includes both classroom on on-the-road lessons.

his/cul/geo - no clue. Cultural studies, perhaps?

Planar solid geometry? again, no clue. this is not any sort of idiom.

Immunizations - yes the student got his or her last vaccines on May 25, 2005.

A proficiency test is to see how well you learned to do something. S may be satisfactory.

I can tell you a lot about high school, but with things this school-specific, you'd better off asking the school guidance counselor.
In California, anyway, Driver's Ed is the academic portion, Driver's Training is the practical.
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- "pl sol geom" don't understand this abreviation (geometry ??)

Plane geometry and solid geometry.

'H' could have something to do with 'honors' [speeded up, more demanding]
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Interesting. So a kid who takes "Driver's Ed" in school will not get behind the wheel at all?