Wily Yaman is written by Turkish author Deniz UNAY who also works as a social media expert. So, as you can guess it's a mixture of fiction and reality. As a teacher, I highly recommend it to every teacher or parent. It consists of more than ten short stories which are about this boy Yaman and his friends. In every story, Unay focuses on a different aspect of technology's effect on kids. It's informative and funny, politically correct and peace supporter, and a perfect page-turner for children. If your children are trying to learn English, it's the perfect choice as the book is translated from Turkish to English by simplifying the language to an elementary level. As far as I know, the book doesn't have a publication house so they may need some support. Especially from abroad, maybe from countries where English is learned as the second language. Thanks in advance for the support! Emotion: smile

Thanks for the recommendation! It's cool that this book gives you the opportunity to learn English. The interesting topic itself, since I myself work a lot with various technologies and provide students related first of all to computer science. Indeed, over the past decade, the integration of various gadgets into our everyday life has increased and now we can't even imagine life without them.

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a book to be taught in schools
also writes a famous name in turkey dependence on technology

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