Please read the following passage and tell me if the answers my friend gave are correct or not. I feel that his answers are ok. However, he got two marks out of four.

B- Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer:-

A few minutes ago, walking back from lunch. I started to cross the street when
I heard the sound of a coin dropping. It wasn't much but, as 1 turned, my eyes caught the heads of several other people turning too. A woman had dropped what appeared to be a coin.

The tinkling sound of the coin dropping on a pavement is an attention-getter.
Whatever the coin is, no one ignores its sound. It got me thinking about sounds
again. We are besieged by so many sounds that attract the most attention. People in seldom turn to look when a fire engine, a police car or an ambulance comes screaming along the street. When I'm in , I'm a Cairene. I don't turn either. I hardly hear a siren there.

In my little town. , the situation is different. The wail of a police or a lire siren brings me to my feet if I'm seated. It's the quietest sounds that have most effect on us not the loudest.

1. The sound of a coin dropping makes people ...........

a) think of money, c) look at each other.

b) pay attention, d) stop crossing the street

2. People in ..................

a) don't care about emergencies c) are attracted by the sounds.

b) are used to sirens d) don't hear loud noises.

3. The writer .........................

a) has lived in for a while. c) is interested in lire engines.
b) has lived all his life in . d) hears sirens in .

4. The word 'besieged' in the passage means ............

a) silenced b) crowded c) surrounded d) beseeched.

The answers my friend gave are the underlined ones.
According to the exam setter, the correct choices are as follows :

1. b 2. b 3. a 4. c

Do you think that my friend deserves only two marks out of four? As you see, the choices he picked for number two and number three are wrong according to the model answers given by the examiner.
What should be the heading of this passage?