I just looked up the meaning of ramification in Longman Advanced American Dictionary and found this definition. Don't you think you is missing before may? Is it a typo or what?

a result or effect of something you do, which may not have expected when you first decided to do it.


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I definitely agree with you.
Or you could say, "which may not have been expected when you first decided to do it."

As an aside, may I ask if this is the only definition Longman gives?
I have a somewhat different sense of the term, but I may well be wrong.

Edit. My Am Htg gives that as the fourth and last definition.
Thanks, Avangi.

Yes, the only definition. What definition do you have in mind?

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It's only that I'd remove the human element as an essential component. I think it's optional.

I have: 1.the act or process of branching out or dividing into branches. 2. a branch or other subordinate part extending from a main body. 3. - 4. -
Very che-che!
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AvangiVery che-che!

I am not familiar with this term, Avangi. Please explain? Cheap?

I think, the opposite!
/ fashionable / stylish / chic

(sometimes used sarcastically)
How should I pronounce the ch in che-che? Like ch in cheap or ch in chauffeur?

Thanks once again,

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