I am applying for Muskie's graduate followship program could you please correct my resume?

Nina .......

23 Pushkin Street

Batumi town, Georgia 6010



Career Objectives:

Willing to pursue a career in journalism.

Summary of Qualifications:

Excellent communicator, ( I really don't know what to include here )

Summary of Experience:

Private lessons in English

Educational Summary

Bachelor's Degree in Humanities

Batumi State University in the year of 2009

Personal Details

Name: Nina .....

Date of Birth: 20/12/1986

Employment Status: Unemployed

Relationship Status: Single


I hope to achieve my goals
"Willing to pursue..." sounds like you don't want to do that. You should not include your relationship status. Did you give or receive private lessons in English? You should say what the goals are that you hope to achieve. Have you ever worked? For your birthday, put the month first, then the day.
Thank you very much.

I gave private lessons. I have never worked before.