Being a student, deciding which museum is suitable for my study used to be a big problem. However, everything changed when I visited “A and T” last week. Now, let me tell you how interesting the museum is and I’m certain that you won’t be disappointed.

The theme of the museum is recycling rubbish, so you can see a lot of recycling gadgets showed there. From the gadget use for breaking down plastic into molecules to robots can help people to collect trash on the road. All of them are really amazing.

The most exciting experience is observing plastic sculptures which was made of used plastic. Instead of ending up at a landfill, these plastic will be reused in making sculptures, which not only help to protect the environment, but it’s also worth drawing the public’s attention to the environment

However, the bad thing is that we have to pay a fee to go into the museum, which is quite expensive. If it were cheaper, there would be much more visitors.

All in all, it’s just a brief that cross my mind when thinking about this museum. For people who are really into protecting environment, I strongly recommend it.

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