I wanted a change
But none cared to give me one.
The tattered pink (awful) colour
Sofa is there since ages.
The half broken shattered
Glass centre table
Is busy with dozens
Of old unread unwanted books
Piled up on it
Since I was build.
The painting on me
Pinned up with a nail
Rusted inside me,
Is no painting at all.
With paints all faded
The artists name unnamed.
The soundless grey television
Sometimes working, sometimes not.
With cobwebs on me
Dangling from every corner.
And black ants crawling
On me forever,
Making tiny burrows
As they go along.
The fan on my top
Never works or never stops.
A problem with it,
With a lot dust
Swayed around when it works.
Since ages no one came
Nor lived with me
I am all alone
Scattered and (perhaps) haunted.
I wanted a change
But none cared to give me one.

Hey what happened to the comment posted by Maj. Its surprisingly missing here though I got it in my mailbox.Anyway, thanks Maj...
That was a very sad poem. I like it. I used to wrote poems like this, but i lost touch to how to write it.
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Thanks yujin.Why don't you try writing some again and post them?
A telephone, maybe...or a dead plant...

You may like this one – a long Victorian variation:

[url="http://www.theotherpages.org/poems/thomson2.html "]In the Room, by James Thomson[/url]

It is annoying
At times
How nobody
Cares about me
My voice
Is so shrill
It is heard
But still
No one
Picks me.

It is irritating
At times
How somebody
Is always with me
Talking away
To glory
Putting me
At their ear
And also
Doing their work
Not caring
About me.

It is pleasing
At times
When everybody
Is away from me
Gone for work
Allowing me
To know
About all callers
Listening to
Voices and tones
Good messages
And bad ones too.

It is amazing
At times
The importance
I get
When they
Are back home
The first thing
Is stop by me
And intently
Touch me
And listen to me.
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I loved that poem, Mr.P
That's good! I like the parallel structure. (For some reason the shape suggests a wall-mounted phone.)

'Picks me' would usually be 'picks me up'; 'gone for work', 'gone to work'. You may need another word for 'get' in the last stanza; you usually have importance; though in this position, you need a word that means 'acquire' or 'assume'. (But neither of those words seem to have the right rhythm. And 'have' is too weak.)

I didn't see the title at first, so it took me a few lines to realize. Maybe you could make use of the surprise, and simply call it 'Autobiography'!