Came across this in the Nov. issue of Harper's Magazine. While I can figure out some of the words by reading the sentences out loud, I can't get every word. Would somebody help?
I put an asterisk by the words I can't figure out.

I thocht aboot no writin this in Scots, dislikin for ti be sel-referential, daelin wi *sindrie issues or spellin, register or the like; but ma freins in the Scots language muvement is aa *sik readin aboot Scots in Inglis, an (why an?) *forby, a language at canna speak for itsel tells ye it's hauf-*thrappelt at the ootset.

This is not an answer but it could help. I found this page about this 'language': www.scots-online.org , I think they have a dicitonary there.
Hello Julielai

I would make it:

'I thought about not writing this in Scots, not wanting to be self-referential, when dealing with *sundry issues of spelling, register or the like; but my friends in the Scots language movement are all *sick of reading about Scots in English; and *moreover, a language that cannot speak for itself tells you it's half-*throttled at the outset.'

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I see!

Thanks again, Mr.P!
hi do know what the word turnip is in scottish?

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