A: It should have made to your inbox, but maybe lost in all collectors on your desk.

B: You know how things get pilot on my desk when I am busy.

Hi, is there anyone who can tell me what the above mean?

"Maybe lost in all collectors on your desk" means? the "desk" is a real desk or desktop? Why there are all collectors?

And what about "get pilot"?

Very appreciated!

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It doesn't make any sense. Where did it come from?
It came from business english :Memos. The dialogue is as below:

A:I have been waiting here in the conference room for ten minutes already, what time is the meeting start? where is anyone anyway?

B:Didn't you hear about that, our meeting was postponed until Friday.

A: What? the meeting was postponed? No one told me anything about it.

B: Did you get the memo?

A: What memo? They havn't any memo this whole week, I check my inbox every day.And I havn't seen anything.

B: The memo went out 3 days ago. It should have made to your inbox, but maybe lost in all collectors on your desk.

A: You know how things get pilot about my desk when I'm busy. I know sometimes I do many please things,but I always read all the memos go arround, they go directly to my inbox. Are you sure were send to whole office?

B: It should have got arround to every body, they also post a copy of the memo in the break room. Don't you ever look at meassages post on the bulletin board?

A: I'm usually too busy to take a bunch of cofee break by the watercooler, Anyway, I'm sure the memo never get to my inbox, I'll have to talk our secretary about it.

B. That's right, You will never know what your missing out of it if you don't read the memos.


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Was this in a textbook? There are many, many mistakes in the dialogue.
Hi there,

It's not something I've come across, I have to say. Also, they don't grammatically make sense so I fear you've muddled it with something else.

If you can give us some more context, that'd be great.


- Ollie

Firstly thank you very much for the reply!

I read that dialogue from a website. Maybe it is just a bad website and that dialogue might be made by our people. Since it doesnt make any sense, then i should have dropped it.

Thank you all the same!

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Well, don't use that website for studying English. Really, there are problems in almost every sentence.
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