One of my posts on another forum on this site got bleeped because I used a slang word, which I obviously can't repeat because it might get bleeped again and you won't read it. (But there's a clue in the title of this thread).

I am puzzled by this. The word is not offensive, obscene, distasteful or vulgar. Merriam Webster lists several different meanings for the word, including the one I intended. It classifies my usage as slang, but NOT as either vulgar or obscene (which it does for genuine profanity). It's a perfectly inoffensive word which I encounter in everyday conversations. In fact, it appears in the title of the second Austin Powers film (and in the script, rather a lot).

Please can somebody tell me what the policy is here? Are all words which are classified as slang barred? Would I still have got bleeped had I said "has sex with"? I must assume not - after all, the CONCEPT still appears on my post, it's just that that concept is now expressed in asterisks. In fact, the asterisks with which my word was substituted give the impression that I had actually said something offensive, which I don't believe was the case. The word is mild. It is very, very inoffensive. It appears in national newspapers regularly. Far stronger words have appeared on this site.

I'd like to know the rules, please, so that I don't get bleeped again.
Forgive my ignorance Rommie, but I still haven't figured out what the word was!

I've just tested this out by posting as many rude and blasphemous words as could think of in a minute (I'll have to admit I couldn't think of many). I then checked the post, saw how many words contained at least an asterisk and proceeded by deleting the offending post!

Out of the eight or so rude words I could think of, only two contained an asterisk of which one was totally 'blanked out' (you don't need to be a brain surgeon to work out what that word was).

Anyway, my point is, there is an in-built modifier which is obviously not perfectly accurate. Rommie, don't lose too much sleep over this. I can't imagine anyone branding you 'rude' or 'repulsive' just because a word that you have posted contains an asterisk but it is something that we could check out.

Anyway, I'm still curious as to what the word was!

Oh I've got it now - in the title of Austin powers!!!
So we can't actually review the second Austin Powers movie on this site? How curious. Regardless of its classification, children around the world have access to it's TITLE. And frankly, had that film been called "The Spy Who Had Sex With Me" it wouldn't be anywhere NEAR as funny.

Methinks your filter is a little, shall we say, overzealous. But I shall avoid the word in future.
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hehe, Rommie it's a bit of a rude word in England - not too bad but.. - it has legitimate meanings too (but for the sake of forumin' we bleep it)