Write a short biography of an interesting or successful person you know about.

My essay:

Mahlagha Mallah, who was born in Iran on 21 September 1917, was the first female environmental activist. Iranian environmental activists called her "Mother of Iran's Environment" who set up the Women's Society Against Environmental Pollution. Her grandmother and mother were both women's rights activists. They had taught her about women's rights and she was encouraged to learn more.

She married Hossein Abolhasani, who was an employee of the Ministry of Education. He was a reliable person and supported Mallah throughout their lives together. She graduated in philosophy from the University of Tehran, and she also received a Master's degree in sociology in 1958. She moved to Paris to continue her studies at Sorbonne University, where she graduated in 1968. During her time in Paris, she also decided to study a course in library management at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

After she returned to Iran, she worked as a librarian at the University of Tehran in which she became interested in the environmental movement in 1973. The first she started to learn more about the environment and then she taught her family. After she retired, she had begun work on air and water pollution in Tehran and taught 25000 families about pollution and other environmental problems in different ways. She had encouraged them to separate waste from recycling things. When she and her husband were in their seventies, Mallah established the Women’s Society Against Environmental Pollution. It is the first non-government environmental organization which has now departments in 14 Iranian cities.

Mallah passed away on 8 November 2021.

Her motto was: “Protecting the environment starts with each one of us.”

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