Hello, teachers!
Would you please help me with these?

- Where are you heading/headed? / (The) Green Farm. So if we just go on down the road here, are we going the right direction? / Yes. It's about a mile that way. You can't miss the sign.
1. Are both 'heading' and 'headed' correct?
2. Do we use 'the' with the name of a farm, or not?
3. Are these sentences all correct?

Thank you very much.
As with your other recent postings, both options are correct, as are the other sentences.

With regard to the farm's name, it depends on the specific case. If it belongs to Mr. Green, it would probably be 'the Green farm'; if it is named after the colour, it would be 'Green Farm'.
I would love to join the discussion, even though I'm not confident about what I might say. Please let me know if I'm making mistakes. Thank you.
This is a tricky question. When "farm" is mentioned, "Animal Farm" comes to my mind. As Mister Micawber said, really not so sure whether there should be a "the". "Animal Farm" belongs to the animals though.