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thank you so much

i like it so much

you are agreat writer
i really enjoy this essay who ever it is written by good job and keep it up. thank you for this engrossed and powerful essay and topic
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That essay did make sence to me. i have a medium family-2 brothers, 2 sisters....four.

I also dont think that the essay was on topic. when you talk finacial aid situation isnt just about the size of the family...theres more to that.
Thank you for your nice opinion!!!!1
You've got a point. But then if you don't include them, her point of view is good.
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Emotion: smilehellow i am tomboy,from uk.......

ur passage helped me alot for my homework.........
if i have not copied may be i would be scolded by teacher.........

well ur essay is pretty great for me good job Emotion: big smile
nice essay
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