A shrill cry broke the silence of the night. I walked away. I dumped the .443 Pistol into the garbage. I could already hear the wails of police sirens closing in behind me. They won’t catch me. The city alleys would buy me enough time to find refuge.
I traversed through the haze and fog for more than an hour. Lurking in the shadows like a ghost. Pulling my collar up to warm myself, I noticed a newspaper on the floor. The headline was arguing about the mysterious murders. Hah! As if they will ever find the reason.
I walked into a seedy neighborhood bar. The chime of the bell signaled my entrance. The atmosphere smelled of cheap wine and stale peanuts. The news was playing on the television. Again I saw the story of a madman murdering innocent people. I snorted. Since when was there such a thing as ‘innocent’.
A few men walked into the bar. I sat at a table close enough to the bar to eavesdrop on the them. They wore the same expression every time I saw them. Puzzled.
“I don’t get it, Frank. I mean, how can this guy kill 5 times and still not leave a single trace. How can this be possible? If we don’t find this madman soon, we’re going to get it from the chief.”
I heard enough. These cops were just too slow to understand that the most obvious thing was the answer. The bartender came with my decaf. I looked out the window and watched the city pass by. Most of the people were too busy doing last minute Christmas shopping to worry about madmen.
I left my decaf on the table with some money. The snow outside was getting thicker by the second. I had to leave now or be stuck in the bar for the rest of the night. It was 11pm. I walked down the road. Most of the shops had already closed for Christmas night. The only things that kept me company were the streetlights and darkness.
I saw all the victims’ faces when they died. The images played in my mind. All the screams and wails tore at me. They haunted me to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore. My conscience had to be freed. All these horrors would consume my soul if I didn’t come forward. The agony which I felt all this time, it was becoming unbearable.
I knew what I had to do. There was no avoiding the truth now. I ran back to my apartment in the shady part of town. Ignoring the calls of drug addicts and beggars, I made my way to the closet. I took the pistol I swore never to hold again. Checking if it was armed, I took to the streets.
Everything was a blur. My mind was focused on the one thing that destroyed my light, my honor. The city to me now was nothing but a crescendo playing in the hellishness of it all. I had to do it now or never. I had to do it, before another person suffers the same fate.
My mind took me to a towering apartment. It is here that all my sins would be forgiven. The door beckoned me in. I shot the lock which barred me and clambered up the stairs. I was steadfast and steady even though it seemed that all the pictures which adorned the wall laughed at me. I came to room 107. I smashed in the door.
We came face to face. The moment was still.
“What do you want. You want to kill me? That will be the day. You couldn’t even do your job right.” He taunted me.
“How could you kill all those people? Why did you make me help you?” I screamed at him. Tears welled up in my eyes.
“You know the answer. I knew you couldn’t handle it. I never should have trusted you,” said he.
“Well…” I wiped my eyes, “looks like I’m the only one that can stop you…”
I walked out. The only place for me now was the sanctity of the alleys and the fog. Only time could tell if my wounds would ever heal.
dat was hot! i got an story on that page to called the double exposure basketball twins.holla at me.

Oh damn man. Such a good story.