I saw the sun rise next to my window,
Am very thrilled to say hello to the dew drops.
In every walk on the beach I have found shells.
Love the way life is leading me on,
With all that I wish for being fulfilled.
My heart leaps up to catch the rainbows;
Life has granted me a boon of love.
And all I care for now is my being with you,
Want time to stop and let us be together forever.
To live and die and live again for eternity,
Live life with love, love and more love.
All that I want in life is here and now,
Over the greener pastures as I ascend with you.
Again know me with the first words of each sentence.
I guess that you should'nt have called it , silly, because when someone is in love, all of what you said is natural. I think that poets should write whatever is there in their minds because if they didn't , they'd certainly feel depressed. We don't have to be Shakespeares, because people differ in their talents and abilities. For example, when I read some comments of native speakers about your poems, dear anita, I felt scared and decided not to post any of my poems. I would'nt call them silly for I like them and besides the fact that I am not a NATIVE speaker. Your lines are nice and they would be excellent for those who are head over heels in love with someone. Please carry on composing poems and never stop.Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile
Thanks Sweet D. Though it is not exactly a love poem, it was experimental as the first word of each line put together makes a sentence.

My sincere advice to you is that if you know any language, you can compose poems in it if THE ABILITY TO WRITE POEMS IS IN YOU.You don't need to be a native speaker for that.I am not a native speaker either.
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
And criticism is the best way to learn to write better.Don't worry and go ahead and post your poems.Emotion: smile