hi teachers,

This is a sentece from a longer paragrah in a story.
'He had to ge off his bike a push it up a hill'.

If I want to change it into a narrative in the simple present, should it be like this.
a) 'He 'has to get off his bike and push it up a hill'.

b) 'He has to get off his bike and pushes it up a hill.'

I think it is the 'a' because the verb 'has to' affects both verbs 'get off' and 'push', and they have to be in the simple form, haven't they?

Thanks in advance.
Are you completely sure about it vsuresh?
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The right one is, "He has to get off his bike and push it up a hill."
The other sentence is comletely wrong.

and about your last sentence, "They have to be in the simle form, haven't they?" you should have said, "don't they?"
the helping verb here is "Do".

Thank you Eman Radwan, for your answer and correction.
There seem to be multiple typos in the posts in this thread, so let me clarify:

This is right: He has to get off his bike and push it up a/the hill.
And 'haven't they?' is an acceptable tag for 'They have to...'.
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Thank you Mister Micawber. Clear and precise as always.
thank you, Mister Micawber
Thank you, Mister Micawber.
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