Hello everyone! I'd like to offer you one riddle, i guess it gonna be easy for you, but anyway, some may find it dificult. Here it is

Anna, Bernard, Carmen and Diana, three girls and a boy were born in the same maternity hospital/ One day all of their mothers asked a nurse to give then each a bath because visiting hours were soon to start. Unfortunately, the nurse was new and inexperienced. She took off their identification braclets and one by one as she bathed the babies but forgot to put them on again. She knew exactly two things about each baby, but she was in such a panic that they all mixed up in her mind.

> Only one of the babies had a lot of hair, but it was not Anna or Carmen
> One of the babies cried all the time, but Anna was a happy baby.
>One of the babies quietly sucked his thumbed but had no hair at all
> The baby who cried a lot had a birthmark by her right ear, but she wasn't the smallest baby.
> The fattest baby had no hair and hardly cried at all
> the baby with the red hair rarely cried, but kicked a lot.

So, the question is: Who is WHO?
super-duper riddle. now;

anna is sucking thumb and fattest

bernard is crying a lot and has a birthmark on his right ear

carmen is kicking and has a red hair

diana has much hair and smallest

are these OK?
Carmen kicks a lot and has red hair
Bernard sucks his thumb and has no hair
Anna is the fattest baby and has no hair
Diana has a lot of hair, and has a tiny birthday mark in one of her ears