I have two questions:
1. Does "a small business/a small-scale enterprise" mean the same as "a small business company"
2. Can we say: Stages of starting a business activity. ? ("business activity" in the sense (meaning) of "a small business/company")

Thanks in advance!
1. yes that is the meaning, but small business company is not used (business and company have the same meaning so the company is redundant).

2. Not in that sense. A business is not an activity - business do activities. The activities of a business may include, for example, consultancy and sales.
Hi Domink, and welcome to the forums.

1: Generally yes. You would not say "A small business company," though, you would say simply "a small business." Small-scale doesn't necessarily mean small business. A small business could have a lage-scale operation but do it with a few employees. But yes, more or less.

2: Stages of starting is odd - starting IS a stage. "Starting up," however, could be used because "starting up" is a long process . A business activity is thought of as marketing, manufacturing, etc. So your phrasing doesn't really work. The stages of starting up a business could be what you're looking for.

Edited: Whoops. I started this and took a while to get back to it. Nona answered in the meantime. Sorry Nona!
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Thank you both very much for your help.

What is the diffrence between "start a business" and "start up a business" ?

Can I title a thesis: The stages of starting up a business; Starting a small business.
How to avoid tautology.
Will it be better if I write: The stages of starting up a business; Launching a small/private enterprise ?
(The second sentence is the subtitle.)
Why does it need a sub-title? It always makes me nuts that people seem to think a title is incomplete with a colon. I like The Stages of Starting Up a Small Business as a title just fine.

There's no difference between start a business and start up a business, but (I don't have the window open, but I think) you included only a fragment. It was something like the stages of starting... anyway, either is fine.
Thank you for your reply. I agree with you that the subtitle is unnecessary. I like your suggestion.
How is in legal business english "to start a business" How can I say it in other words?
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I have doubts about "a small business company" Something like that exist on the Internet.

What does it mean?
1. A B2B firm which is an expert in small business (deals with small firms) and for example develops a software for them;
2. simply "a small business company"=a small firm/business/enterprise

I think that the first definition is correct. Am I right? But on the other hand B2B firm can be small.

Thanks in advance!