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Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary field and requires people from different working areas. It is the combination of biology and computer science and is a new emerging field that helps in collecting, linking, and manipulating different types of biological information to discover new biological insight. Before the emergence of bioinformatics, all scientists working in different biological fields, such as human science, ecological science and many other fields, feel a necessity of some tool that helps them to work together. They knew they are all interlinked and had important information for each other, but they did not know how to integrate. In such circumstances, bioinformatics emerges to help these scientists or researchers in fast research and leads to quick inventions by providing readily available information with the help of computer technology.

Scientist and researchers spend their whole life in inventing things for human benefits. After so many years of development, they have collected huge amount of valuable data from their experiments all over the world and still this collection is continue and will always continue for the better development of human being. Sometimes, they need to repeat the old research because either it is hard to obtain old data or they do not know whether it exist or not; this wastes their valuable time. Let us take an example of DNA identification. Every species or human beings have particular DNA strands that contain the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. By identifying DNA information one can trace generations’ links and can find the root of different disease. Earlier it was hard to manage this information. In order to collect and link DNA information from all over the world and to solve many medical complications, bioinformatics is a very helpful hand for them.

In addition, scientists also need a tool that can interlink information from different areas like biology, statistics, genomics etc to make their research faster. For instance, they may need some data regarding effects of particular gene on human being and its effect on animal or on other species, so that they can interlink and generate some beneficial results or antidote that helps in human development. Eventually, bioinformatics provides that help in interlinking information from different fields and leads to quick results.

Finally, bioinformatics also helps in digitizing the information available on paper or in the form of specimen, so that with the help of internet it could be easily available to everyone everywhere. These days, computer is an important part of every research without which so fast development cannot be imagine. Moreover, these days it is important to keep everyone aware of current developments. This will enable everyone to enhance their academic and research skills in their fields at minimum expanse of time, money, and matters. In this scenario, bioinformatics makes information readily available by collecting, linking, and manipulating.

Briefly, bioinformatics is playing a vital role in development of society by providing quick information and making research fast. It is using today’s computer technology and biological research together very efficiently. This field is going to generate more opportunities in future for all people working in different areas.

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Could you explain a little more about what bioinformatics is? I'm so confused. :-(
not a good point of view

im working in various methods of bio-informatics

i do not think u understood that right

sorry mate
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this paragraph very super.and then in this genral topic about is very clearly
Bioinformatics is the combination of biology and information technology. It is a branch of science which deals with the computer-based analysis of large biological data sets .
Bioinformatics is conceptualizing biology in terms of macromolecules
Bioinformatics has a great scope scope in future.But today in india bioinformatics has no demand but in foreign countries it has tremendous scope.bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary field and it is a combination of biology and computer science. bioinformatics plays vital role in development of society by providing quick information and making research fast.

bio seoinformatics
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bioinformatics is bio + informatics i.e biology and computer. in short it is a multi disciplinary science which utilize computers for fastening up their biological research
Mahak your essay is quite informative,and explains bioinformmtics clearly to a layman,good luck.
say clearly about this bioinformatics
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