I never asked for the sunshine
I never wanted the rain
I didn't ask for these feelings
And I never wanted this pain

I can't let go of you,
It's too hard to say goodbye.
I never realized i was in love with you
Until you said we were thru

I never shed these tears,
When you were here
I never thought we could fall apart,
But I know as the pain I feel in my heart

I remember all the things you used to say,
the way you could wipe my tears away.
I remember all the times we shared,
and I knew you were the only person who cared

I remember how you said you loved me more,
And those simple words I did adore.
I remember when we had the world in our hands,
Now all we have is memories left in the sand

I will never forget the days we once had,
The days when you were everything to me.
My mind used to tell me we'd be together,
But now I realize that was all a big dream.

I wanted to tell you the way,
you smile lights up my day.
I wanted to tell you, your presence,
warms me in every way.

As I look back on the times we shared,
I realize now just how much you cared.
You are everything I always wanted,
I couldn't have asked for more.

I want to tell you
My love has grown from day to day,
My love is hurting while apart,
and now my heart is sore

This is just a simple plea,
a simple wish of mine.
That you will be with me
until the end of time.

Cheers to you anita, that is beautiful. It does make me want to cry.
Sorry for the delay in replying... Thanks Lilbit.Hope I can make u smile with this one...

She parted the lips
The dew drops fell
The sun stood still
And all around was tranquilising
The little parting
Of the lips spread
The smile danced on
The rainbow waved
the overwhelming joy
the birds fluttering
The sky beeming
The glory of the moment
Was the happiness gleaming
On the little face
For the very first time
She had given a treasure
A smile!