Hi friends,
Here is a fascinating software that reads any texts on your computer with a male/female and British/American option. The voice quality is really good. Hope you enjoy it:
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I'm trying it right away!
It's a bit robot-like, but GEE! it's fun! AND helpful!!!
Thank you, Lalnguage Lover!
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Yep Pieanne, it is robotic, but it's helpful (for the non-speakers)! Hope you enjoy it from time ti time, just for having fun!Emotion: wink
I've downloaded the free version, of course, firts I make them read a SCI-Fi short-story I have translated, then, just to see, I gave them a French text, and they read it!
How did you find it?
It sounded interesting to me too, you know, for the intonation, since you can look up into your dictionary for the pronounciation of the words, or hear them from your talking dictionary!
Pieanne, do you remember there was a post yesterday about sticking a line of something in on'es mind, so that you repeat it again and again, you had answered to the question, I read it last night. But today I saw the same post without any answers that was sent today. I couldn't find the original, do you have any idea?
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yes, I remember well, I meant to try & track it but it slipped off my mind. I'm gonna look fot it.
Got it!
Have you tried the 'read out loud' option on Adobe Acrobat?

Only works with PDFs, of course; but quite useful.

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