Have you heard this song on the radio? I quite like it. Do you like it?

I don't wanna make im feel I love u.
I don't wanna make u feel I don't need you.
I don't wanna hurt em I tell u.
I don't wanna die but love u.
Fortunately not....need I say more about the style of lyrics.
What do you have to say about the lyrics?
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Commercial bubblegum; designed to pull commonly known heart-strings and make a quick buck.
Exactly what I think.........they are songs without any meaning behind them....only moneymakers.
Not all of them! How can you be so sure?
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Of course not all of them. Though the main interest of record companies is to make money. And who are the ones that edit all the songs? It's not often a musician or singer's lyrics are left untouched, uncut or rearranged despite the fact that the singer/musician thinks it is what they feel or want to express.