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Personal growth and firms’ development
Through different periods of time ,youth is always considered to be a group of people full of inspiration,originality,and freshness.Also,it is frequently said that young people are no doubt our future.However,they should not be estimated only at some later time in terms of their personal value to the firms or to the society.The fact is that young people have a wealth of energy and enthusiasm that have already benefited the society or the community they lived in.And the young who perfectly bond their value of life and their careers together are considered to be living the most valuable and meaningful lives.

Career goal is the soul ,and faith is the way the goal to be fulfilled.Young people with great ambition of being successful should work hard to reach their personal destination being prepared for any possible obstacles and pressures,in spite of personal consequences.

Self-realization can be attained by making considerable contribution to the enterprise where young people work.As the major power of firms’ development ,not only should the young try to achieve their personal goals by working hard,but also they need to make their own contribution to the firm’s development in the long-run as a member of the firm.To achieve this goal ,young people need to be better prepared in the expertise knowledge and keep the information up to date.Of course learning from experienced employees is a critical approach to gain on-the-job skills as well.After obtaining the necessary knowledge and the first hand skills both from self learning and organized veterans ,young employees have to take a further and upper step by making their knowledge more practical,which to some extent is the step always seems to be ignored.

Furthermore,being creative is also one of the most vital requirements for young people who intend to be dedicated to their jobs.Seeing firms as a whole,problems coming from the competitive market relate considerably to the changes in the society ,which include the rapid development of technology,the demand changing due to consumers’ taste ,the enlargement of the industry and changes in the labor market etc.Young people ,as the group of people who possess the most creativity should take the initiative to be part of the fast moving society by soliciting fresh and useful information which can be beneficial to their work.Young employees should be highly motivated and entrepreneurial minded in their personal positions to gain the possible efficiency.To combine the above-mentioned,young people are surely full of originality and creativity ,but they may lack experience.Under this circumstance, what the young need is the right and efficient direction and instruction from upper employees or other experienced staff members.So the undirected talent that the young employees reveal can be fully developed.

What’s more ,we youth should respect our own jobs ,and be responsible for what we are given to be done.You should love what you do,because you made your decision to choose the job as the one you loved to do.Ambitious young people should have dedication,determination and drive at their work ,so that the contribution of this group could be effectively received by the enterprise in the growing process.

Based on my own comprehension of my topic,now that I would like to share my personal experience of working in *** .Shortly after my graduation from university,I joined *** with immense ambition and enthusiasm.Without any on-the-job experience, I faced a great deal of difficulties and challenges in my job.After the intensive training programme provided by my company I greatly improved my expertise. I also enhanced my horizon by working with my co-workers and supervisors.After the first half year woking in ***,I was finally able to well cooperate with my colleagues and better serve the interests of my clients.In addition I developed my skills in building up a sound relationship with my clients and finding potential clients,which contributed to the company’s development in broadening the overseas market.

Young people to be successful requires no exceptional qualifications,but merely the enthusiasm of being an excellent person in their own jobs,not just in the business terms ,but the morality terms.I truly believe that if you have dedication and being proud of your present job ,being courageous and never give up ,you will undoubtedly be successful .----The price of success is high but so are the rewards.

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