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please check this story.

Long ago in a faraway land, there was a kingdom whose ruler was sad. The king of the land thought his people were lazy. The king pondered about this problem when suddenly an idea flashed in his mind. He placed a heavy stone in the centre of a busy road at midnight. When the Sun rose the next day and people started to walk on the road, they saw the stone and tried to move away from it. Businessmen, soldiers, farmers all escaped from the stone. Then a young man came and saw the stone. He decided to move the stone. He tried hard and finally moved it aside.
He found an iron box there on which was written:
“This box contains 1000 gold coins. These coins are for the brave man who would move the stone”
AvidlearnerThen a young man came and saw the stone. He decided to move the stone. He tried hard and finally moved it aside.
Very nice and very short story. You should try add more text to it. Add two three paragraphs like one about king and how lazy people were. And provide more insight about Young man. Overall its a good story if u you can make it a bit longer

Best of luck
There was old man not a young man
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A very very good story I was very happy about it

The story is nice and the lesson you wanted to give to readers are understood.

I just have an opinion about the content of the story that you OP don't need to consider at all.

I don't really think that those people were lazy as the king thought. Because all of them were workers at the end of the day; every one of them had something to do, the farmers had to go to their farms, the soldiers had their jobs that requiring them to be on time, the businessmen have their business as well. Maybe it's safe to say they were irresponsible when they ignored that heavy stone from the road. At least, they could have informed the authorities about it, because it would have a risk on their own safety not just the public safety.

The only one that I really would consider him "lazy" here is the king honestly. Because instead of being busy with the kingdom's needs and improving the quality of peoples' living, he put a "burden" on his people by setting that heavy stone in the middle of the road, and at the midnight too. Without considering or even thinking of the consequence of such an action, as if he had nothing to do other than examining his people. It's really a waste of time!

Please, I'd like to get a correction to my comment above.

Thank you

I agree with second comment

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