Does the following sentence strike you as a strange one? Thanks

"Although the project has been technically challenging, I was able to identify a new role of xyz in the abc process."

I thought the correct sentence should be

"although the project HAD been ..., I WAS able to ..."

The author argues that the project is still ongoing, but he is no longer working on it. Thus, the tense in the first part is present perfect,

while that in the second part is simple past. 

Does this make sense? Need some opinions from grammarians. Thanks
Yes, the sentence is fine, and the author's explanation makes sense.
It's fine as is.
Although today has been a really trying day, I was able to do one or two things which saved it from being a total disaster!
Although I have been studying German for years, I made a lot of grammatical mistakes speaking German on my recent trip to Germany.
Although you have always been kind to me, I was really hurt by the remark you made yesterday.