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hi...nice place is it the same hall mentioned in wordswoth's poems
Hi, and thank you.

I don't quite understand what you are asking, Doja.
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Thank you for taking us on a stroll through this beautiful city. I love the water tower! It looks like 15th century architecture to me. Wonderful!
You're most welcome, Rabbit. Emotion: smile

I like the water tower too. It looks older than it is, though. It's "only" from 1896.
Hello. I wonder why you wrote..
'I took a stroll an early evening' this is good but a little inaccurate. You could have said 'I took an early evening stroll' or ' I took a stroll in the early evening'. Perhaps you could tell me why you chose this form?
I like the photograph. Is the new town hall as imposing?
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Wordsworth was British, not Danish, so probably not.
Or perhaps 'I took a stroll an early evening stroll' I miss out words sometimes. Is there a Danish Wordsworth?
I probably wrote it, because I didn't find it inaccurate. I'll let you know if I need my posts corrected.
Thank you for your comments.
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