I took a stroll an early evening in my city, Esbjerg. It's located in the south of Jutland in Denmark, and here you will find some very old buildings. I managed to take some photos. Enjoy. Emotion: smile

The tower of he former Town Hall
This is a post office
Frederik IX and behind "him" a very popular restaurant
The old water tower
Water Tower again
The harbour
Local city park
common apartment building
Another common apartment building
this is a bank
The bank from another view
Again - common apartment building
A store, and on top of that: a common apartment building
Guess what: A common apartment building
And: A common apartment building
This is the train station
The train station a little closer
The right side of the train station building
The ceiling of the train station building
Also the ceiling
My word - it's Spring flowers, peeking out of the snow!
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Nice photos Stormy, thanks for sharing Emotion: smile
You're most welcome. Emotion: smile
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Super awesome Windy!
I like the post office the best, the picture was taken very nicely!!!
Thank you, BW!
When I saw the name Esbjerg it struck a chord. I briefly visited your city about thirty years ago. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember how much I liked Denmark. A beautiful country with amazingly friendly people.
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Why thank you for your kind words, Blue Jay. I've only lived here for a couple of years, but I do enjoy to look at all the old buidlings, when I walk around. I'm very happy you liked my little country. Emotion: smile
Very nice stormy.
Thank you for sharing Stormy Emotion: smile I liked all of them and guess which one the most-Common apartment buliding!Thank you for nice photos Emotion: smile
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