There is a big superarket near Nadine’s house. It’s the closest to her house and alos the cheapest one. So she likes shopping there very much. One day, Nadine bought a piece of beef from the supermarket. When she got home she found it smelled bad. So she walked back to the rupermarket with the beef. She went up to the shop assistant who sold the beef to her. She asked him to smell the beef himself, but he said that it smelled good and give it back to her. She told him to call the manager. A minute later, the manager came out. He smelled the beef. It was really bad. The manager said sorry to Nadine and told her that the shop assitant couldn’t smell anything because he ahd a bad cold. He ased another shop assistant to get another piece of beef for Nadine. She thanked the manager and said that the supermarket had friednly service. The she went back home happily.
its good