I'm looking for a social terminology ,it is about '' social expectation for each individual to purchase things that may not need, but he buy it just to gain a social status. For example, you have a car, but your neighbour has the better one, so you buy a car which is far better than your neighbour. Even though you don't need it''.
Actually, you say to '' keep with up with the Johneses'' but I need a social term. Sorry, I've really searched on the Internet ,but it was fruitless.

Thank you in advance.
No idea if there's an official term. How about one of these...

Economic snobbery.
Keeping up appearances.
Social climbing.
Social competition.
Neighbourly rivalry.
Maintaining position.
Vanity buying.
Seeking social advantage.
Buying for prestige.
Wasting your money.

I'm really thankful. God bless you. You saved my time. Emotion: smile
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Eureka! The term is called ''Conspicuous consumption''. Emotion: smile