[url=http://politics.guardian.co.uk/labourleadership/comment/0,,1884405,00.html ]Text[/url] can be found here. A couple of question for the start. The second part of the title " only one hand tied behind his back". At first I understood that he has big problems. However, at the end of the text it is said that Brown have had both of his hands tied behind his back, but now only the other. Therefore, after contemplating I got the idea that he has light at the end of the tunnel. Right?

Then the beginning of the text is all Greek to me. " Goodbyes right"? and "stumbled over the hello"? Could someone rephrase those somehow or explain them a bit more comprehensible. And what is bush telegraph?

Yes to the first question.

(Got their goodbyes right) The 'leaving' speeches of Tony Blair and John Prescott were good. They won't be prominent after the appointment of the new Labour Leader and so it was their last conference in their current positions.

(Stumbled over the hello) Gordon Brown is not the most popular choice as Tony Blair's replacement, and therefore the conference did not see Labour rallying behind a new heir to Blair. Some people think that other people such as John Reid or Jack Straw would be better as leader as Brown is perceived, as not popular with voters.

Didn't see the reference to 'Bush Telegraph' in the article, sorry.

Hope that helps...
Thanks, helped me a lot.
The bush telegraph is in the second paragraph. At first I thought it has something to with the expression " through the grapevine" but now I doubt it.
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Ah... Spotted it now!

It means news from the White House.

Information being released by the White House was having a negative impact on the view of Labour in the UK as unfortunately by most British people (and therefore voters) the Labour government, and in particular Tony Blair, rather than the UK is viewed negatively as the US's allies in Iraq.

This of course affects the future possibility of another Labour government after Tony Blair leaves office.

Hence 'the Bush telegraph brought bad' (news) for the Labour government...

Hope that helps...
Oh, ok, thanks again.
But it's not over yet. In the third paragraph " endorse Brown on the breakkfast TV sofa". Does this refer to some morning program which comes from the TV in the morning, as I understand it?
And Brownites? The whole supporter community behind Brown?
Yes. BBC 'Breakfast' which on from 6.00-9.15 every weekday. They invite guests in a sit on the sofa chatting less formally than on other news programmes, as it's more of a news-magazine programme.

Yes. They are the supporters of Brown.

Looks like that wasn't as confusing as you thought!
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Ok, now everything seems to be taken care of, once again thank for your help.