There is an annual marathon called the Brave Souls Marathon. If I say:

I recall an incident that occurred during a/the Brave Souls Marathon.

"A" or "the"? If I indicate the year (e.g. it's been made clear we're talking about 2006), then "the" is logical (it's annual and there can be only one in a year). But if I relate with no such context? Is it alright to say "during a Brave Souls Marathon" if I conceive of this marathon as one of the many that have taken place over the years?

Or would it be OK to say "the" as well because it's the Brave Souls Marathon (and not the Boston Marathon or some other marathon)? Confused.

Thank you.


I''ve had many conversations about marathons,

They ar typically referred to as

eg the Brave Souls Marathon

eg the 2006 Brave Souls Marathon.


Thank you, Clive.