Help! What does" a tongue of frame " mean?

I've been asking a lot of people about that but I don't understand their answer.

Anyway.Could you please answer me in an easy way????*-*
An appendage attached to a frame, like the frame of the wheel of a bicycle. We have also "tongue of flame" as in tongues of flame licked at the walls . Hope that it helps.
I must admit, I don't find the expression "tongue of frame" at all familiar. "The tongue of the frame" seems more likely; but in that case, the "frame" is redundant, as every "tongue" must be attached to something.

"Tongues of flame" is familiar, as LL says.

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When something is made with two parts that must be fitted together, often one part has a hole in it, and the other part has a little piece sticking out, often rectangular in shape. This latter part can be called a 'tongue'.

Think of a door. The part of the lock that slides in and out is 'the tongue'. You open and close the door by turning the handle, which slides the tongue into and out of the hole on the doorpost.

So, a frame may be built to include one or more tongues, for attaching other parts.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thank you so much:] Emotion: big smile