I read this phase many time.But still can't get the exat meaning.

1.Running with these two men is incredibly inspirational for me. And it should be inspirational to anybody who has been dealt a tough hand.

2.Government deals online gamblers a tough hand.

3.I back him 100 percent in making sure that if there are people who are doing something inappropriate, they ought to be sanctioned and they ought to be sanctioned with as much of a tough hand as we can possibly bring to the issue.

moreover, I'd be very appreciated if the latter part of the third sentence is paraphased. (i.e. with as much of a tough hand as we can possibly bring to the issue)
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The first two are the same metaphor. If you are playing cards and you're dealt bad cards, you have a tough hand to play. It's used as a metaphor to mean that you have been given a difficult situation to overcome.

The third one is not very natural to me, but it just means that it should be addresses with as much firmness/severity as possible.
Hi GG, thank you for the quick reply again.

the third sentence is from a piece of news on CNN. The background information is that a supervisor is inspecting the Secretary Service which was racially charged by a noose found in its training building, and that he released his comments when interviewed by CNN.
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I am waiting for someone who can help me with analysing the third sentence. So I reply this post to forward it in front of the list.
Like I said, it should be dealt with using as much severity as possible.
I agree so. but what is the exact meaning of "a tough hand" here? and can the prep. "of"(as much of a tough hand) be omitted?

Best wishes for you,Blackcheetah.
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As has already been explained, that the perpetrators should be dealt with very severely.
No, "of" is needed here.
thanks a lot. I think I've got the whole meaning of the sentence. Since "a tough hand"here isn't a phrase, it only means "severe means".So I just wonder if it can be replaced as "with as much tough hands as we can bring.....".
No. "A tough hand" is the idiomatic phrase. You would have to reword the sentence - for instance "with as much severity as required".
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