Topic: Society does not place enough emphasis on the intellect—that is, on reasoning and other cognitive skills.

Does society place enough emphasis on the intellect? How could I know? From where I could know?

Thank you!
This is not meant to be all the help you're requesting. It's just a tidbit.

When the word 'intellect' means 'reasoning' , it is frequently compared/contrasted with 'instinct', 'intuition' and 'feeling' (or, emotion)--each of which approaches life's challenges differently.
Thank you, Davkett. It helps well enough. So you're saying people always do things going with instinct, instead of reasoning, analyzing and finding out a solution to it? But is it attributable to the society?
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Sorry I may misunderstand what you said. Could you please tell me how each of "instinct, feeling, and emotion" approaches life's challenge with details?
This needs to be researched on your part. Human beings respond to a situation in different ways. A single human being will respond to the same situation differently at different times, and will respond differently to one kind of situation than to another kind of situation. I named four ways that human beings respond to situations. All four ways are potential in a single person, a group of persons, or the entire society.

Your question asks whether the society places enough emphasis on the intellect.

This may start things rolling for you:
Thank you, Davkett. I am working on it.
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Thank you, Davkett. I am working on it.