A tree is growing in me

It's captured my mind

Trying to talk to my soul

That is unable to fly.

It has various leaves

I'm tongue-tied

The words are meaningless..

***** *****

It's a fantastic feeling to have

A "longling tree" in my heart

A vital piece of my extract

You cannot image even it's dimensions

Starting from my heart leading to the heavens

One day I'll bring you one of it's leaves

The adjectives are inefficient

The words are meaningless..

Hey Gokce,
It's nice to see vacation time is so much inspiring to you ! Or maybe I was used to your riddles from the pun and jokes section, and never really paid attention to your contributions to the poetry section. I wish I could put words on what's going on inside me like you do. It is a talent you have to cultivate, so pls keep up with the poems...
Dear Waiti,

It's a great pleasure to read your comment.I really appreciate your suggestions.I'm glad that you like my piece of worksEmotion: smile.By the way have you read the other ones I mean the newests? The poems--You are/ Ceaseless Burdens / Last Exam ?
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nice poem Dj Bueno ..i enjoyed reading it Emotion: smile
Thank you very much Aleen Emotion: smile