I have to think of a name for a sausage that is really cheap, edible, but far from delicatesse . In my language it is literally called sausage for common people (I know it sounds terribly discriminating). Any suggestions?
'Table sausage'? We just use 'sausage'.
What about folk sausage?
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Just as bad as 'table sausage'. If we don't have it in the language, then anything you make up will sound strange. The best I can suggest is plain or ordinary sausage, but even that is a bit odd, since we only have 'sausage' + descriptive clause/phrase.
Hi guys,

Sounds to me like a hot-dog.

Clivea hot-dog
That's what I would have said too.

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Yes, I should have thought of that, but I wouldn't have hyphenated it. Or a frankfurter.
Thank you.
Frankfurter is another, different type of sausage, so I can't use that.
Thank you all.