Hello friends,today I'm gonna share a very useful way to learn english language.It might sound funny or strange to some friends but believe me it WORKs..!!

As many other fellows here, me too wanted to improve my english language skills and for this purpose I learnt grammer rules and many other things,I read news papers to increase my vocabulary.But friends,the way I found most useful and interesting was reading books...childern's books.Now you must be thinking how childish..but its the most effective way to get use to different type of clauses,in childern's books you find easy vocabulary and simple grammer,not very difficult for a beginner of english.I started it from the story books of different writers.By the way, I love to read kid's stories and in english its realy fun.Most of the stuff was very new for me as an esl learner.I Read diffrent children story books by Enid Blyton(secret seven,five find outers and other short stories) and Tale of a fourth grade nothing by Judy Blume.And it was really fun to read that.Specially I love the character "Peter" in blume's book.And then I searched for some other books of my interest.Then gradually I picked some books for grown up as it was now much easier for me to understand many things in english by reading easy books first.Then books 'The sword and The swan','The tea house on mulberry street' and some other books which were not very difficult for me to read and understand, got included in my book list.So this way I'm learning english by reading.

Why you can learn english very fast through reading?Its because of the repeatation of some words ina book again and again so that you get use to it and learn how to use them.Another thing is the sentence structue and situations of daily life in a book,so you come across different uses of them as well.And by reading a book of your interest you pick the vocabulary very fast.You come across many different words and their use,you get familiar with the spellings.There are many words with different spelling with same pronunciation for example:Prey and Pray...you see,they have same pronunciation but totally different in meaning.So a book teaches you that also.

Always remember that Pick a book of your interest.Because learning should be fun specially when you learn a second language,it shouldn't be a burden for you.And by choosinga right book for you,you can make it a real fun.For instance,If you are interested in travelling you should try to pick a travelogue but remember,it shouldn't be very difficult for you to read and understand,pick one with easy vocabulary.Start reading from simple things then gradually pick the difficult one.You will get a great piece of knowledge by reading books as well on different topics.It could be about different cultures,countries,novels,childern's story books or any thing.You are not bound to select a book..only it should be simple first and of your interest.

I got this way of learning very useful.I hope it gonna help you too.So enjoy reading and enjoy learning from now on.Befriends with books:).

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